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Changing BIN and IIN Ranges

Open CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog for the desired card type.

Range Low and High determines the BIN and IIN Ranges for routing to this credit card type.

For instance if the range is 601100 - 601199, enter 6011 - 6011

If the range is 650000-659999, enter 6500-6599

Len field serves as card length. If the accepted lengths are 16 and 17 - enter 16 in the first Len box and 17 in the second. The LRC Code can also be entered if desired (default is 10)

Every range line serves for credit card card routing. Then there is the LRC check and ultimately the processor will check the validity of the card account.

Warning: The ranges are stored in the ccv_info.dat. 
Overwriting the file will overwrite the ranges.


An example of extended range credit card software setup that uses some of the above

In the example above:

The ranges will cover:

  • 601100xxxxx -601199xxxxx
  • 6500xxxxx -6599xxxxx
  • 6200xxxxx - 6299xxxx
  • 6300xxxx - 6399xxxx
  • 9400xxxx - 9988xxxx

Accepted lengths are 16 - 19

Code is 10

As long as no card types overlap you can specify any card ranges. The range buckets serve as routing guides for the program only. The ultimate acceptance of the card depends on whether it passes the LRC check and processor card account check.