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Failed Batch and Double Batching

Whenever a batch fails, make sure to call the processor to see if some part of the batch already went through to avoid double batching.

Batch Count Limitations

Due to the limitation of some processors as well as Windows networking libraries there is a limit on the number of transactions that a single batch can contain.

Setting Automatic Batch Count Management

Starting with version 3.03.09 CreditLine will break up a batch into smaller portions automatically to keep the total batch transaction count manageable.

To set the Automatic Batch Count Management look for the following lines under Batch Settings in the CreditLine Advanced Setup:


→ If the line is not present the default of 200 will be used.

Do NOT use a number above 200! 400 is used by default in version 3.03.09. See special note below to fix this.

Important Version Notes

Version 3.03.09

In version 3.03.09 the default is set to 400 which may fail on slower connections. To fix:

  1. Look for the BatchMaxTransactionCount line in CreditLine Advanced Setup file.
  2. If found, remove the leading ';' to uncomment and set it to 200 like so
    <br\>If not found in step above, add the line
    under Batch Settings in [911_CCV] section.
  3. Restart the program

Version 3.03.10 and above

The batch count max parameter is limited to 200 and any values above that will be ignored.

Version 3.03.08 and below

This feature is not supported in the older versions. Either batch selectively in blocks of 200 transactions using CreditLine ViewModify Dialog or upgrade to the latest version.

Latest Advanced Setup Settings

Click here to see the latest 911_CCV.ini settings.