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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Default Login Credentials

User Name

CreditLine Setup Steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with the latest industry security requirements
  2. Start CreditLine Manager.
  3. Setup User Accounts and Security
  4. Setup Business Configuration.
  5. Choose a supported processor.
  6. Print Setup Sheet for your chosen processor (optional).
  7. Setup Connection Configuration.
  8. Setup Settlement Configuration.
  9. → If you used Apply To All Auths in Settlement Configuration step above, you can skip this step.
    Setup Authorization Configuration
  10. Reload the configuration and check the CreditLine Manager Info Panel for improper setup warnings.
  11. Use our automated CreditLine License Server to obtain the new license
    Start CreditLine Server, Test and troubleshoot your new setup, then license your new setup manually
  12. If you require multiple merchant accounts to run on the same server, follow CreditLine Multiple Merchant Account Setup.
→ Don't forget to reload the configuration to apply changes!

Advanced Setup

See Advanced Setup Guides.