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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software Processor Setup - FDC North IP. This site can also be reached at http://docs.911software.com

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Requires Version 3.03.13+.


Please see Processor Support Contact List

Test URL

To verify that the computer can successfully connect to Datawire, use the following URL in a web browser:


Firewall Information

For version 3.02.03 and lower, please use port 19000. Note: it is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest version and use port 443 as listed below.

IMPORTANT: If using a firewall, please open port 443

This following information is set in c:\911\data\ccv_link.ini

[Link DLL.FDCIPNNORTH]<br\> Host=https://vxn1.datawire.net/sd <br\> TestHost=https://staging2.datawire.net/sd <br\> Port=443<br\> Service=104<br\> BackupHost=https://vxn.datawire.net/sd <br\> Timeout=60<br\> DownloadURL=https://support.datawire.net/production_expresso/SRS.do <br\> TestDownloadURL=https://stagingsupport.datawire.net/staging_expresso/SRS.do <br\>

Connection Configuration

Enter CreditLine Connection Setup Dialog

Select the Parameters as shown


Use only version 3.03.13+

Click OK and close the Connection Configuration

Merchant Setup

Settlement Configuration

Start with CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog

See Authorization Configuration for info on Apply To All Auths checkbox

Click Merchant Setup to enter the next screen:

→ Note: Datawire ID field may not be present depending on the version and settings. See below for Datawire Info Download and Registration

Authorization Configuration

If you use Apply To Auths in CreditLine Settlement Configuration, you do not need to setup the CreditLine Authorization Configuration.


→ If Apply To Auths is checked, version 3.03.09 and up propagates the Merchant Setup in CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog to the Authorization Configuration in CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog for all accepted cards of the same class.

For older versions see CreditLine Apply To All Auths Legacy

Datawire Info Download and Registration

Please use only with version 3.03.13+. For troubleshooting, see #Enabling Datawire ID Field.

→ Please make sure to request your processor to setup your account over Datawire. If they don't register the account with Datawire, the Datawire registration (see below) will not work.

Note: This feature is available starting with version 3.02.x. For versions older than 3.01.x you will have to enter the DID field manually.

DIAL-UP accounts do not need DID registration.

→ You can ignore licensing errors such as WARNING: INVALID LICENSE. You can process the registration even with unlicensed software.

This processor is using Datawire Network. Datawire is a third party vendor that works with processors to provide HTTP SSL connectivity. The network requires Datawire ID to connect Datawire setup to the processor setup. The Datawire ID will be obtained by our software during the registration process.

Datawire ID Registration

The following steps are necessary to register your new merchant account with Datawire Network:

  1. Make sure the CreditLine Server is running.
  2. Reload the configuration (click on the link for more info)
  3. From the CreditLine Manager Top Menu select ConfigurationProcessor Registration
  4. Reload the configuration, again.

The steps above attach a Datawire ID or DID to your merchant account. This step can only be performed once.

→ If you receive an error, such as Access Denied, during the registration process, see #Problems with Datawire ID Processor Registration for resolution.

Problems with Datawire ID Processor Registration

Important: processor account needs to be created by the processor and attached to Datawire ID before registration procedure can be attempted. Make sure the processor is aware that the account has to go through Datawire and has attached the Merchant ID to Datawire ID.

→ Note: you can ignore licensing errors such as WARNING: INVALID LICENSE. You can process the registration even with unlicensed software. Invalid license will not cause Datawire errors.

Datawire Errors

→ Note: You can try to access https://vxn1.datawire.net via your browser to test the basic connectivity to Datawire.

Bad DID Reg
An improperly entered Merchant Information or Datawire ID will cause DID (Datawire ID) errors.
Example of a Failed DID Registration Error

If you entered the DID yourself, you have to check it with Datawire, otherwise ask them to reset the DID so that you can re-register it or see below for Enabling Datawire ID Field so that you can change it manually.

Please see Processor Support Contact List for phone numbers (you have to call Datawire, not FDMS/FDC).
Access Denied
The Datawire ID may be already registered. You should ask Datawire to reset the account for the purpose of re-registring the DID or see below for Enabling Datawire ID Field so that you can change it manually.
Invalid SSL Cert
1) Update the machine with all the latest windows patches, in particular the SSL certificate patch.
2) Upgrade to the latest version (at least 4.1 Build 1102 GA)
2) Lower Internet Expolorer Security under Tools->Internet Options->Security
3) If you are using Vista and the error persists, using Internet Explorer on your Vista machine, access https://vxn1.datawire.net and the appropropriate root certificate will be installed. Internet Explorer will display, “Hello World!! If you are reading this page, you have successfully connected to this webserver”. Restart creditline to allow the root certificate to become available to the API.
Other Errors
a full list of Datawire errors can be found at the end of this document.

Enabling Datawire ID Field

In most cases it is prefered that you do not enter the Datawire ID directly. However, in some cases this makes debuging the merchant account easier. If you are having no luck with registration, you can also use this feature instead of registration.

→ You do not need to register the DID after you manually entered it into the DID field.

To re-enable Datawire ID field in version 3.03.07+, in c:\911\data\911_ccv.ini uncomment (remove ; in front of) the folowing line
under [Config] section:
→ Add the line yourself if it is not there. Click here to see the latest 911_CCV.ini settings.

For older versions see http://dealer.911software.com/index.php?title=FDC_North_IP (contact us for dealer user name and password)

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