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911 Software


911 Software, INC
Delray Beach, Florida, USA and Suzhow, P.R. China
Key People
Managing Partner: Jim Min, President: Zorrik Voldman, Partner: Kevin Tan
Payment Processing
911 Software CreditLine, 911 Software PaymentNet
911 Software, INC


911 Software, INC is a provider of payment processing software with offices in Delray Beach, FL, USA and Suzhow, P.R. China . The company's core product is a Point of sale centric payment processing software, as well as a payment engine for payment processing service providers (payment gateway)[1]

911 Software started out in Boca Raton, FL and was incorporated in Delaware in 1995. 911 Software was founded by Jim Min, Kevin Tan and Zorrik Voldman, also the founders of Siva Corporation <ref>BusinessWire, Nov 2 2006</ref> (acquired in 2006 for $6.2 million by Par Technology Corporation (NYSE:PTC), the primary supplier of hospitality management technology systems to quick service restaurant <ref>Reuters, Jan 9 2009</ref>). Siva Corporation pioneered a so-called "true" or "pure" ASP approach <ref>Alan J Liddle.


As of 2009, 911 Software has over 30,000 installs in United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. The end-users range from Hotels, Shops and Golf Clubs to Restaurants and Kiosks. Distribution is achieved through a network of dealers (normally Point of sale companies).


  • 1995. 911 Software is formed for the purpose of improving the credit card software developed by Hospitality Solutions International, currently a division of Micros Systems (NASDAQ: MCRS).
  • 1996. 911 Software assumes ownership of the credit card processing software and launches it's own product, 911 Software CreditLine.
  • 1999. In a bid to expand their business, 911 Software releases M911 - the engine for payment gateways. The engine could be used to power a payment processor or a merchant account provider middleman service. M911 was purchased by Merchant Online (NASDAQ:MOL/delisted) in 2000 for $5 million.
  • 2000 911 Software re-acquires the rights to M911 and adds the product to the line up as 911 Software PaymentNet.
  • 2001. Principles of 911 establish Siva Corp. <ref>Zoominfo, Siva Corp Management</ref>. 911 Software becomes exclusive provider of payment processing engines to Siva Corp.
  • 2005. 911 Software publishes a Shareware version of their software, that was well received in many circles <ref>AccountantForums, Free Credit Card Software</ref>.
  • 2007, 911 Software actively workes with American Express Company (NYSE: AXP) to be the first payment processing software provider to bring AMEX IP Reverse PIP product to the market <ref>Amex, Direct Connectivity Enabled POS</ref>.
  • 2008, 911 Software has entered Canadian Debit Card processing by partnering with Moneris. <ref>Credit Card Processing Reviews, Moneris Canada Credit Card and Debit Card Processing is Released</ref>

Origin of Company Name

The company was originally started to solve a dire business emergency. The 911 in the name refers to 9-1-1, the commonly dialed emergency phone number in the continental US.

Products and Technology

Point Of Sale

911 Software CreditLine is a Point of sale payment processing software for authorization and settlement of credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and other forms of payment. CreditLine provides both dial-up and IP connectivity to more than 25 payment clearing houses (payment processors). Currently, 911 Software CreditLine product is often cited as an alternative to PC Charge and IC Verify payment processing software <ref>Internet Payment Processing, Non-Gateway Software, p.1</ref>. So common has become the name of 911 Software CreditLine that it has been seen used in certain patent applications as a common example of the software genre <ref>Michael A Daily, Smart RFID Checkout Kiosk, [0027]</ref>.

Payment Gateway

911 Software PaymentNet is a payment processing engine that can be used to power a payment processor (clearing house) or merchant services middleman.



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