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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Business Configuration Steps

  1. Start CreditLine Manager
  2. Enter CreditLine Business Configuration Dialog
Open Business Configuration
CreditLine Business Configuration.gif
  1. Fill out the fields marked in red completely. Correct site name and business address are required for proper merchant acccount processing.

Name And Address

Business Name1 
main part of the name of the business.
Business Name2 
extended name of the business or number of the store/outlet.
main part of the address
secondary part of the address, such as suite number
City, State and Zip
this will be transmitted to the processor. → The city, state and zip have to match or errors will be generated by the processor.
Phone Number
Phone number for the merchant
Credit Line Num
Internal license reference or purchase order number (optional)

Backup Settings

Journal Backup
number of days the journals (batch information) will be stored.
Log Backup
number of days the logs will be stored.

→ See CreditLine Backup for more info

Processing Options

Multiple Transactions On Single Dialup

If Multiple Transaction On Single Dialup is checked, credit card software will send multiple transactions before hanging up while using a modem. → Leave it checked for IP connections.

Industry Type

Select your industry type.

Industry Type drop down dialog box sets the industry type.
Warning: the following issues may result in significant downgrade fees or non-qualified rates!

  1. Using older versions of payment processing software. Only the latest version may contain the most recent protocol and compliance features required to qualify for the lowest rates.
  2. Setting the wrong account industry type for some type of transactions. For more info see Industry Type in Business Configuration Dialog Box.
  3. Settling a batch after 24 hours
  4. Typed-in cards are treated the same as "card not present". Ultimately, the merchant provider determines the rate, some will grant discounts based on whether AVS, CVV or zip are being sent with the transaction, others will charge a higher rate no matter what.
  5. Foreign cards are high risk and will be charged non-qualified fees.
  6. Rewards cards, such as VISA Rewards Cards are charged a higher rate automatically.
  7. Sending in a tax amount and customer code (invoice number/folio number) are required for commercial cards or those will get higher fees. Version 3.03.14 SP4+ will do this automatically, regardless of what the POS is sending.

→Processors are becoming more strict with the qualification criteria as competition increases. After the first batch or after running a new type of transactions (such as card not present mail-order) check with your processor, whether the transactions that you have just entered qualify for the best available rates. Contact your dealler immediately, if there are any problems.

Advanced Options

Reset Config

Check the checkbox Reset Config and click Ok

This will reset the configuration to default settings. You can also use the test setup file ccv_info.dat included in 911\data\test folder with every install to obtain the latest defaults.