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CreditLine Payment Processing Software CreditLine Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Connection Configuration Steps

  • Enter CreditLine Connection Configuration Dialog
Open Connnection Configuration
Select the first line and Click Edit

IP Connection Setup

For IP enabled processors set the values as specified in your specific ip processor configuration guide.

Dial Up Connection Setup

For Dial-up processors use the following guidelines:

Connection Parameters
com port number in this format COM# (e.g. COM1). Do not put a space between COM and number.
Connection Type
select your modem type.
Connection Init String
if you are using a custom modem, enter your init string.

→ Use Advanced Modem Settings guidelines for custom modems and advanced setups.

Connection Setup Dialog

Dial-Up Settings

→ These settings are not used for IP Connections.

Modem Speaker On 
turns the modem speaker on and off. Low, Medium and High are the modem speaker volume settings.
Modem Hangup Time 
applied to dial-up only. Number of units in 1/10th of a second to wait for the modem to perform the hang up operation.
Dial Retries 
number of retries for failed dials
Dial Timeout 
number of seconds to wait for successful connection. Value of 0 uses default of 25 seconds. → Not recommended to set this value below 10.

Multiple Connection Setup

CreditLine Supports multiple connections.

→ For new connections, select an empty number and click Edit.

CreditLine Connection Configuration New.gif

Advanced Modem Settings

Hang Up Time

If you need the modem to hang up right away after authorization, set Line Delay in CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog to 1 to 2. Make sure to check Apply To All. This will hang up the modem right away

Custom Modems

If you want to use a modem that is not supported by us, you will need a custom init string. The basic purpose of the init string is to turn off the compression, error correction, and high speed handshake off to speed up the dialing and ensure the connection to the host. The hosts do not support any of the above modern features. To make a modem work with the credit card hosts, go over the user's manual to make sure the following:

  • Always connect at 1200 baud rate.
  • No compression.
  • No error correction.
  • No buffering.
  • Do not use ATZ in the init string.

USB and Internal Modems

We do not recommend the use of internal or you USB modems. Internal modems cannot be reset without shutting down the server and USB modems have proven to be less reliable in the demanding Point Of Sale invironment. For computers without USB ports use a USB to Serial Port converter and a Serial Port modem.