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High Speed Offline Operation

Besides Forced Authorization,where the merchant must call the processor to obtain an Auth Code, there are four ways to deal with the interruption of internet service:

  1. ISP Dial-Up Backup (Dial-Up IP)
  2. Hardware Backup through a router
  3. Transparent Offline or Rush Approval Mode
  4. Backup Connection

See below for details on all three.

ISP Dial-Up Backup (Dial-Up IP)

All DSL providers include free dial-up time and number for their customers. We recommend dialing up to the ISP and enjoying a 56k connection that is always on, rather than suffer the dial-up connect delays and slow modem response on every spaced transaction. You can use a third party auto-dialer or setup a Windows Dial-Up Networking connection.

Hardware Dial-Up Backup

For credit card software internet security and Dial-Up backup we recommend a hardware firewall router with Dial Back-Up. This is the fastest and most reliable way to setup connection backups. It is superior to software driven backups in many respects.

This is one of the possible setups with Netgear FVS338 ProSafe VPN Firewall 50 with 8-Port 10/100 Switch & Dial Backup (~$150) or similar firewall:

Netgear FVS338 (8-port Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall with Dial Back-up)

All DSL providers include free dial-up time and number for their customers.

This is much faster and more reliable than dialing up to the processors directly.

Transparent Offline Mode

This is not strictly a dial-up backup mode. It is a way to store the transactions for later authorization. The obvious downside is that they may be declined later. The advantage is speed.

Please see Rush Approval Mode for more info

Dial-Up Backup Connection

This is slower than Rush Approval Mode but guarantees authorization at the expense of speed.


Requires Version 3.03.15+




To enable, uncomment (remove the leading ; before) UseDialupBackupMode=YES in the CreditLine Advanced Setup file and restart the CreditLine Server. If it is not present, you can insert your own line under [911_CCV] section. See for the full option list.


The following are the configuration settings that you can add to CreditLine Advanced Setup file under [911_CCV] section.

; Dial-up Backup Settings
;Dial-Up Failover Support
;Default is NO
;The number of connection errors that triggers the server 
;to go into dialup backup mode
;Default is 3
;The number of minutes of idle time that triggers the server
;to retry the normal mode
;Default is 30
; End of Dial-up Backup Settings

Connection Configuration

Enter CreditLine Connection Setup Dialog

Select an available connection slot as shown and click Edit
Select the Dial-Up Modem Parameters as required

→ the backup connection can be anything, not just Dial-Up

Click OK and OK to close all dialogs.

Settlement and Authorization Configuration

Enter CreditLine Settlement Configuration

Select the backup connection as required. 'Apply To Auths will propagate the setting to Authorization Setups