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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Integration Guide. This site can also be reached at

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Integration Options

Integration Languages

There are several integration options for Creditline:

  1. DLL for C#, C++, et
  2. Java Wrapper for Java
  3. OCX for Visual Basic, dotNet, etc
  4. Encrypted Text Import for manual batch processing.

Integration Styles

There are three major integration styles, all of which may use the optional Tokenization API.

  1. → (recommended) Integrator uses CreditLine supplied UI (UI Encapsulation). This is clcUI PCI Friendly Option
  2. Integrator provides their own UI
  3. Integrator uses Encrypted Text Import for manual batch processing

EMV Payment Terminal Support

EMV Payment Terminal Support is provided by our next generation platform, Cloud9 Payment Gateway. CreditLine works transparently with Cloud9 Services via Cloud9 Passthrough Interface.
Please, see EMV Payment Terminals Guide (note: this link will take you to Cloud9 Documentation Suite).

Quick Start Guide

This is the best place to get started with your integration:
QuickStart Integration Guide