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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software Licensing Guide. This site can also be reached at

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Create Setup File

  1. The licensing server will test the account for you - no need to test the merchant account yourself!
  2. If you are switching an existing license - back up the existing license, first! You will need it to qualify for the switch pricing.
  3. Always check that you are using the latest available version of the credit card software before setting up new accounts.
  4. Create a CreditLine Setup File by using the normal Setup Procedure

Login and User Accounts

  • Please obtain user name and password from 911 Software.
  • To create a new user, please contact 911 Software

New License

Select New License

Proceed if there are no errors

Configuration Review

  • In this step you can change the Business Configuration, if desired.
  • Sub Name or Business Name2 is required. Please enter Store Number, Profit Center (e.g. Golf Shop), Street Name or City Name.
  • Suite or Address2 is NOT required
  • You can add notes to the license for make sure that you are being billed correctly at the end of the month. For instance, if you have arranged for a special discount through email, you may want to enter: DISCOUNT! - see email (Re: Please Discount), 03/13 12:31pm
Review and make adjustments

→Proceed to #License Download below (skip "Switch License" section)

Switch License

Select Switch License

Previous Licensed File

You will need the previous licensed file to qualify for switch licensing. Please, always back up the setup file before changing it! You can also retrieve the setup file backed up by the credit card processing software.

License Download

Click on the Download button to download the CreditLine Setup File
Save the CreditLine Setup File in the desired location (usually 911\bin)
Click Close and Done


Configuration Errors

Click Back and Go back to the CreditLine Manager to correct the error

Merchant Account Errors

  • In the event of a merchant account setup problem, the following error screen will be displayed. You can view the error in the log by scrolling the log to the error.
  • Please see the troubleshooting guide for information on debugging and correcting the problem.
Click Done and Go back to the CreditLine Manager to correct the error