CreditLine Local Client-Server Installation

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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software CreditLine Networked Client-Server Installation. This site can also be reached at

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Software Installation & Configuration

Note: This is an installation guide to be used in cases, where the server and the client reside on the same machine.

Local Install

  1. Log onto the Server in the topology above.
  2. Download the latest version of CreditLine "Standard CreditLine Manager and Server Download" from -> Downloads page.
  3. Install the program into "C:\CLServer\911" directory (you will have a chance to specify the directory).

Directory Description

  • c:
    • CLServer → Share as CLShare
      • 911
        • Bin
-CCV_SERVER.EXE → "CreditLine Server"
-CCV_MANAGER.EXE → "CreditLine Manager"
-clcapiw.h → "API HEADER"
-clcapiw2.dll → "API DLL"
-clcCs.dll → ".NET Wrapper
-clcClient.ocx → "OCX Wrapper"
-clcUI.exe → Optional Quick PCI Friendly UI
-clcUI.ini → Customization for PCI Friendly UI

Testing the Installation

  1. Run c:\CLServer\911\BIN\CCV_SERVER.exe (CreditLine Server) and then c:\CLServer\911\BIN\CCV_MANAGER.exe (CreditLine Client).
  2. Login with the default User Name and Password are on the 911 Software downloads page (admin/creditline1).
  3. Change the password, if prompted
  4. The software comes with a test account.
  5. Run a test card (4111 1111 1111 1111, with any valid exp date) for $1 by selecting Command->Sale from CreditLine Manager