CreditLine Multiple Merchant Account Setup

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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Important Multi-Merchant Setup Guidelines

→ All merchant accounts in multiple merchant setup must be pointed to the same processor.
Multiple processors are not supported with multiple merchant account setup!

→ The Connection Configuration is taken only from the the first CreditLine Setup File (911\data\ccv_info.dat). If it differs in other files, the other connection setups will be ignored.

Enabling Multiple Merchant Setup

To enable Multiple Merchant Setup, uncomment (remove leading ; from) the following line in the [Config] section of 911\data\911_ccv.ini file like so:

;Enables multiple merchant number support. Enables Merchant Index Menu.
;Values: YES=Uses multiple merchants, NO=Uses single merchant
;Default: NO
MultipleMerchant = YES

Don't forget to reload the configuration to apply changes.

Entering Multiple Merchant Setup


Creating A New Merchant Index

Select an empty line and click OK

IMPORTANT: do not skip over empty lines or numbers (eg setup Merchant1 and Merchant 3 skipping over Merchant 2) CreditLine expects the Merchant Ids to be sequential and will stop processing the rest if it encounters a "break"

Click OK
Now you have a new merchant index created and ready to be setup

The new merchant Index setup is a copy of the existing setup. Proceed to Setting Up New Merchant Index.

Setting Up New Merchant Index

Select the desired merchant index and click OK

The Current Merchant in CreditLine Manager Info Panel will change to the selected merchant index name.

Proceed as usual to setup the configuration for the selected index. Enter the following information:

→ Since you cannot setup multiple processor with multiple merchants, Connection Configuration will not have to be changed.

Repeat these steps for every new merchant account needed.


Operation of Multi-Merchant enabled CreditLine is identical to the single merchant setup operation. Merchant switching is transparent to the user and is POS system driven.


To batch, first select the Merchant Index desired as shown below.

Select the desired merchant index and click OK

Batch as usual.


To restrict a user account to certain merchant accounts, see Security Setup Guide

Implementation and Storage

Every merchant has a separate CCV_INFO?.dat in the 911\data directory where ? is the merchant index. POS system sends over a merchant index code with every transaction to indicate the authorization target. CreditLine dynamically switches the transaction context according to POS system direction.

See CreditLine Directory Structure for details on storage and backup.