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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software Frequently Asked Questions. This site can also be reached at

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Batching Selectively and Skipping Transactions

You can do a partial batch by selecting the transactions and hitting Batch button in CreditLine ViewModify Dialog

Deleting Batch Transactions

Note: voided transactions (with asteric next to them) will not be deleted in selective batches unless sent together with live transactions).

  • To delete some some transactions: either use Void function in View/Modify Current Batch Dialog or select all transactions that you do not want removed, batch them and then follow the instructions below for deleting all remaining unwanted transactions.
  • If the journal is corrupted, or you have too many unwanted transactions in the current credit card processing software batch that you are either unable or unwilling to void individually then you can remove them by deleting the batch storage file.

All unbatched transactions in the current batch are stored in 911/data/ccv_jor.dat file (911/data/ccv_jor?.dat file for CreditLine Multiple Merchant Account Setup, where ? is the merchant index).

  • To delete all transactions: remove 911/data/ccv_jor.dat or the corresponding 911/data/ccv_jor?.dat file.
Warning:if this file is removed, all unbatched   
transactions will be permanently gone!

Deleting Unbatched Auth Transactions Automatically

See Removing Unbatched Auths Automatically

Dial-Up Backup

For more information on dialup backup please see CreditLine Dial-Up Backup

Expired Transactions Re-Run

If you are unable to batch your transactions due to expired Auth Codes follow the Expired Transactions Re-Run procedure.

Finding Problems In Batches

See Finding Bad Transactions In Failed Batches for more information

Limit Of Number of Transactions And Batch Amount

Origin Of Transactions: Manager vs POS

There are two ways to determine the source of transactions, such as CreditLine Manager or Point Of Sale program:

  1. Open CreditLine ViewModify Dialog, select the transaction in questions and click Trans Detail button
    Select the transaction and Click Trans Detail
  2. look for the Term ID in the line Info: Entry Type=0 Payment Type=0 Invoice ID=253 Term ID=1000 in the 911\data\ccv_log.txt log file. CreditLine Manager has a fixed Term ID of 1000. Point Of Sale system will use a terminal id that is programmed into the POS for the particular terminal.

Password Reset

To reset your security passwords or if you have been locked out of the Manager permanently, please contact your CreditLine Dealer

Reports: Abbreviations and Symbols

See CreditLine Reports

Re-running Credit Cards Authorized With The Wrong Account or Test Account (Batch Fails)

Follow the Expired Transactions Re-Run procedure to fix.

Restoring Journals/Batches

To restore your journal batch see journal backup directory.

Reversing Batched Transactions Individually

See CreditLine Reverse Transaction

Reversing Batches And Wrong Account Batch

If you batched into the wrong account and need to reverse the batch and move the money to another account follow the Batch Reversal and Re-Run procedure.

Sorting in Batch Viewer

In View/Modify Batch Dialog you can sort the data by clicking on the title of the column. For instance, to sort by amount - click on Amount label above the amount column

Test Merchant Account Batch Re-Run

If you have accidentally used a test merchant account and batched the transactions, you can move the funds into a live account by using Test Merchant Account Batch Re-Run procedure.

Viewing Full Credit Card Numbers

To view full unmasked (without ***) credit card numbers and expiration dates, please see CreditLine View Full Credit Card Numbers article.

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