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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Merchant Account Setup Guidelines

1) Merchant account must be flagged for use with CreditLine Credit Card Software or 911 Software CreditLine Credit Card Software(not "Generic Software" or anything else).

2) Setup your accounts as Terminal Capture (data remains on the terminal and is settled there) NOT Host Capture. In other words, make sure that the account is setup for "Auth and Fund" (EDC Service Type 7) or "Auth and Capture" , not just "Auth" (EDC Service Type 0) or just "Purchase". This does not apply to processors that only support "Host Capture" (such as AMEX IP). Confirm that the account is NOT set for auto-capture/auto-settlement.

3) If you are planning to accept American Express/Discover, ask your credit card processor to enable it. 60% of the setup problems are due to the processor forgetting the enable/setup American Express cards on the account. This will cause batches to fail if there are any AMEX cards present. If you are not planning to accept AMEX, make sure "card is accepted" is NOT checked in AMEX Authorization Setup page.

4) Make sure that the Authorization Configuration for ALL CARDS and Settlement setup have the same setup or point to the same account (in most cases they have to be). Check CreditLine Manager Info Panel for warnings.

5) ALWAYS call processor support after the first batch to check if the transactions in question have been received by the credit card processor. If transactions are not received, check Authorization and Settlement Setup for EVERY CARD. In initial setup it is possible to overlook the fact that some cards are not setup to go to the live account that you are using. See CreditLine Setup Guide for setup instructions if a problem occurs.

6) When troubleshooting your merchant setup please call your processors and ALWAYS ask for PC Support or Advanced Product Support. They are the only ones who can help you directly. Your bank or processor customer service will not be able to have proper access to your account and will cause delays

7) Merchant Account changes may invalidate your license - please check with your CreditLine Authorized Reseller before changing processors

8) Don't forget to reload CreditLine confiration to apply the changes!

9) Check CreditLine Manager Info Panel for warnings after following step 9)

Qualified Rates and Downgrades

Processor industry is becoming more competitive. One consequence is more stringent qualified rates guidelines.
Warning: the following issues may result in significant downgrade fees or non-qualified rates!

  1. Using older versions of payment processing software. Only the latest version may contain the most recent protocol and compliance features required to qualify for the lowest rates.
  2. Setting the wrong account industry type for some type of transactions. For more info see Industry Type in Business Configuration Dialog Box.
  3. Settling a batch after 24 hours
  4. Typed-in cards are treated the same as "card not present". Ultimately, the merchant provider determines the rate, some will grant discounts based on whether AVS, CVV or zip are being sent with the transaction, others will charge a higher rate no matter what.
  5. Foreign cards are high risk and will be charged non-qualified fees.
  6. Rewards cards, such as VISA Rewards Cards are charged a higher rate automatically.
  7. Sending in a tax amount and customer code (invoice number/folio number) are required for commercial cards or those will get higher fees. Version 3.03.14 SP4+ will do this automatically, regardless of what the POS is sending.

Processor Setup Sheets

You may print a CreditLine Setup Sheet to fax to your processor or merchant account sales rep.

Processor Support Contact Info

Processor Support Contact List

Firewall Setup

Note: for IP processor setups: if you are using a firewall, make sure to open the following ports for both incoming and outgoing traffic: 80, 8080 and the processor specific port (usually 443) that can be found in the links below.

IP Addresses

Restriction of IP addresses by the firewall is not recommended as they are subject to change without notice by the processor. If absolutely required, the following addresses need to be routed:

  1. Verisign secure certificate authority
  2. The corresponding IP addresses mapped by the processor URL as set in 911\data\ccv_link.ini (search for your processor)

Listing of Ports Used Across All Platforms

→ the following are the ports used by 911 Software across all platforms. The ports have to be open for both incoming and outgoing traffic.
For ports specific to your installation please see a setup article for the processor used.
This info can also be found in 911/data/ccv_link.ini file:

Type Of Connection Port Notes
SSL 443 Required for SSL communications, such as Datawire
HTTP 80 Required for HTTP communications
HTTP 8080 Required for some HTTP communications
Moneris 50000 Only for Moneris
Ernex 2000 Only for Ernex
Givex 50036 Only for Givex
SVS 5190 Only for SVS. SVS Test Server uses port 5120
FDC IPN North DLL 19000 old versions using FDC DLL only (deprecated)

Dial-Up Backup

Please see Dialup Backup Guide

Cloud9 Passthrough Setup

See Cloud9 Passthrough Setup

Credit Card Processor Setup

IP Processor Setup

American Express IP (Reverse PIP)

Concord Web Services

First Data will discontinue Concord EFSNet on March 31, 2009. Call your provider ASAP to arrange for migration to a different platform.

Global VXN

Heartland Payment Systems IP

MasterCard Internet Gateway Service - MIGS (Worldwide)

Elavon / Nova Conex

First Data CES IPN North

First Data Nashville EDC

Moneris Canada


WorldPay / RBS Lynk IP

SAGE Payment Solutions


Vantiv 5/3rd Bank

4CS Caribbean Credit Card

Dial-Up Credit Card Processor Setup

All Dial-Up Credit Card Processor Setup Instructions

The setup is the same as IP processors, except the connection setup, for example of which you can see CreditLine_Offline_Options#Connection_Configuration

After you have completed the connection configuration, please proceed to the IP Setup documentation

For Dial-up: the default dial-up numbers are programmed into CreditLine. If the phone number field is empty, it will be auto-filled after you click OK in Merchant Setup in CreditLine Settlement Configuration dialog. In the latest versions, you can also click Default next to the Phone Numbers fields to auto-fill them, otherwise, delete the phone numbers before entering Merchant Setup to use the auto-fill feature.

American Express Split-Dial With IP Processor Setup - deprecated

Note: this option is deprecated due to AMEX CAPN initiative! Please use AMEX IP SETUP instead. See AMEX CAPN Compliance for more information

American Express Split-Dial And Dial-Up Processor Setup - deprecated

Note: this option is deprecated due to AMEX CAPN initiative! Please use AMEX IP SETUP instead. See AMEX CAPN Compliance for more information.

American Express Dial-Up Split Authorization for Dial-Up Processors - deprecated

American Express Dial-up Split Settlement Setup - deprecated

Debit Card Processor Setup

Debit support is different for every processor. Currenlty, we are working on adding additional processors to the supported debit card processor list. Only IP processors are supported at this time.

Chase Paymentech Debit Card

Moneris Debit Canada

Nova Debit Card


Gift Card Processor Setup

IP Gift Cards Processor Setup

Comdata SVS Gift Cards

FDC North (ValueLink) Gift Cards

Vantiv Fifth/Third Gift Cards

Givex Gift Cards

HPS Gift Cards

Paymentech Gift Cards

ValuTec Gift Cards

WorldPay RBS Lynk Gift Cards

Dial-Up Gift Cards Processor Setup

SVS Gift Cards

SVS Dialup

For additional processor setup information please refer to the Setup Guide