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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Quick Start. This site can also be reached at

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So, you installed the software and can't wait to start playing with it... No Problem!

Review the quick steps below to get started.

Quick Setup

  1. Download CreditLine
  2. Install CreditLine
  3. After you have downloaded the software, you will need to setup your security
  4. CreditLine is Shareware, meaning that free unlicensed software is fully functional but will not batch/settle. You do not need to license the software if you are using it as shareware credit card verification software only. For more information see the licensing guide
  5. Your install comes with a VITAL test account. See Guide To Using The Test Account for more info. Note: a Test Account cannot be used for credit card account validation, only to verify that the credit card number is correct. To validate credit cards accounts (not just credit card numbers by checksum) you will need to obtain a real merchant account from one of the processors.

Quick Start Guide

After you reviewed the steps above, follow the Quick Start Guide.

User Interface Guides

CreditLine User Interface Guides