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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Setup. This site can also be reached at

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Version Information

These instructions are for versions from 2.23.04 to 4.1 Build 1101 SP 7.
For later versions, see CreditLine Service.
For earlier versions, see this document. Depending on your version of windows you make experience problems with versions earlier than 2.23.10.

Please make sure to use the latest version available from the web site (

Security Rights and Internet Access

If you are having trouble running the server as a service but it works if started as a regular program, try starting the service as an Administrator rather than Local System account. Internet Access may be disabled on some accounts.

Installation Path

The instructions below assume that the program is installed into c:\911\bin. Adjust the instructions according to your installation path.


From command line enter the following:

cd c:\911\bin<br\> → INSTSRVANY CreditServer <br\>

Important: CreditServer is a REQUIRED name for the service. Do not change the service name or the service will fail on start-up.

Note: You can ignore the message regarding editing the service properties. Service is now installed.

WARNING: by default this installs the service to run under the local system account. Restricting the security privileges of the local system account may affect the service. Adjust the service properties in Windows services control panel, if necessary.

Antivirus Software Conflict

Some antivirus software will remove or disable both files that we use to install the CreditLine Service:

  • instsrv.exe – misidentified as Hack Tool
  • srvany.exe - misidentified as Trojan Horse

Please make sure to create an exception in your anti-virus software for the two files above. If removed or disabled you can reinstall the software (choose repair option).


To test reboot your machine. Try using CrediLine Manager to send test transactions to the service


If the software is installed on the C: drive, from command line enter the following:

cd c:\911\bin <br\> → INSTSRVANY CreditServer REMOVE<br\>


  1. Remove the service
  2. Install the new service

Note: If you are remotely upgrading a machine with CreditLine Service already installed, you can use the following commands to start and stop the service:

sc \\hostname stop CreditServer<br\> → sc \\hostname start CreditServer<br\>


Edit file \911\bin\CreditServer.ini for service options (optional)