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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Frequently Asked Questions. This site can also be reached at

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Printing VAR Processor Setup Sheet

See Setup Sheet Instructions

Starting Server Automatically

If you would like the Credit Card server to start (restart) automatically every time, you have two options:

  1. Put c:\911\bin\ccv_server.exe into the Startup folder (Start → Programs → Startup)
  2. Setup it up as a CreditLine Service

Batching Automatically

If you would like to setup your software to batch automatically (auto-batch), please see this article: CreditLine Schedule

Dial-Up Phone Numbers

For Dial-up: default dial-up numbers are programmed into CreditLine for most processors. The following applies to CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog and CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog:

If the Phone Num field is empty it will be auto-filled after you

  1. Click Merchant Setup Button
  2. Click OK in CreditLine Merchant Setup Dialog
  3. Click OK, again to exit the Parameters Dialog

→ If you already have phone numbers filled in, delete them before entering Merchant Setup to use the auto-fill feature. <br\>→ Don't forget to click Apply To All (if applicable) to propagate your changes to all cards. <br\>→ Don't forget to restart the CreditLine Credit Card Server or Service

Accepting Gift Cards

Please contact the gift card providers directly to determine which one suits your business best. You can contact your CreditLine Dealer for setup details.

Debit Cards and Pin Pad Support

Supported Debit Card Processors are listed here. For a list of supported Pin Pads see Pin Pad Support.

Removing Unbatched Auth Transactions Automatically

See Removing Unbatched Auths Automatically

Qualified Rates And Downgrades

After receiving your first statement, you may notice that you are being charged higher rates than what you have agreed to.
Warning: the following issues may result in significant downgrade fees or non-qualified rates!

  1. Using older versions of payment processing software. Only the latest version may contain the most recent protocol and compliance features required to qualify for the lowest rates.
  2. Setting the wrong account industry type for some type of transactions. For more info see Industry Type in Business Configuration Dialog Box.
  3. Settling a batch after 24 hours
  4. Typed-in cards are treated the same as "card not present". Ultimately, the merchant provider determines the rate, some will grant discounts based on whether AVS, CVV or zip are being sent with the transaction, others will charge a higher rate no matter what.
  5. Foreign cards are high risk and will be charged non-qualified fees.
  6. Rewards cards, such as VISA Rewards Cards are charged a higher rate automatically.
  7. Sending in a tax amount and customer code (invoice number/folio number) are required for commercial cards or those will get higher fees. Version 3.03.14 SP4+ will do this automatically, regardless of what the POS is sending.

Supported Processors

Please see supported processor list for both Dial-Up and IP accounts. You can contact your CreditLine Dealer for setup details.

Timeout Settings

The timeout settings are in 911\data\ccv_link.ini. The values are in processor specific sections and are set in seconds. Default is 10 seconds for IP connections. [COM.MODEM] section has the modem timout of 25 seconds.

Changing Automatic Gratuity

Please see CreditLine Automatic Gratuity article for details on changing the Tip Rate

Changing BIN And IIN Ranges

To change the BIN and IIN Ranges for accepted cards see Changing The BIN and IIN Ranges article.

Dial-UP backup for IP

For internet security and Dial-Up backup we recommend a hardware firewall with Dial Back-Up such as Netgear FR328S (8-port Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall with Dial Back-up). For some processors the dial up transactions go to a different server. This makes switching to and from dialup problematic. Of course, you can have several ccv_info.dat file with various connection options, as well.

Testing CreditLine Without Sending Transactions To The Server

Please see CreditLine Demo Mode and CreditLine VITAL Test Account

Selecting Printers

You can select the active printer in Configuration Menu of CreditLine Manager.

You can select the default printer

Disabling Printing

To disable printing in command line automated batching please see Command Line Printing Control.

Otherwise, you can disable all printing in CreditLine by using the following line in CreditLine Advanced Setup File

;Printer settings
;PrinterDevice=HP LaserJet 6P/6MP PostScript

Uncomment (remove leading ; before) PrinterDevice line and set it to none like so:

;Printer settings

Restart the program for the setting take effect.

Using Test Server, Test Merchant Accounts and Test Cards

To use test cards you have to be going to a test merchant account and using a processor test server. Please see Test Mode for enabling this functionality.

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