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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Testing. This site can also be reached at

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Test Account Information

Your credit card software install comes with a VISANET test account. You can also download a VISANET test account account here

  • You can run test authorizations and settlements with this test setup.
  • No cards are getting charged and you can run real cards against this account.
  • This account does not reject invalid cards and does not validate CVV info.
  • The cards will however be checked for valid account number by checksum only.
  • You can also set software into CreditLine Demo Mode for further testing.

Preset Behaviors

Test account is programmed to reply with preset errors for certain amounts. If you keep getting an error, change the amount to an integer. For instance $5.20 will usually give you a HOLD CARD message


Your credit card software install is already setup with a VISANET test account. If later you change the setup, you can find a copy of the file in c:\911\data\test\ccv_info.dat. If you copy the file ccv_info.dat back into c:\911\data directory you can continue to run tests.

→ Make sure to back up your current ccv_info.dat if you are making changes or overwriting it in the manner described above or you will loose your merchant account setup.


This test account is shared by many people. Therefore, the settlement may fail with a "DUP" (duplicate batch number) error - please see Error Guide for quick resolution.