Expired Transactions Re-Run

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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Manual. This site can also be reached at http://docs.911software.com

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Version Compatibility

This procedure requires version 4.1.3 (SP3) Build 1186.5+

Loss Prevention

  1. Don't Panic! CreditLine credit card software retains all the information necessary to move the money between acccounts correctly, as soon as the account is setup as required.
  2. Before any changes, backup your entire 911 folder!
  3. Update the software to the latest version before any major journal manipulation with CreditLine Batch Archive Dialog and Import/Export utilities. However, when performing routine software upgrades, batch out all outstanding transactions before upgrading the software.
  4. Make sure that the account is setup correctly, licensed and that no errors are displayed on startup of the server or in the CreditLine Manager Info Panel.

Expired and Invalid Auth Codes

Most processors will cause the auth codes to expire after some time. In this case you won't be able to batch the transactions. A high rate may also be charged for very old auth codes. have expired and you can no longer batch the transactions. The auth codes may also have been obtained from the wrong merchant account and need to be requested from the right one.

Re-Authorization Procedure

The EXPORT+IMPORT procedure is no longer PCI compliant and has been deprecated. Please upgrade to Version 4.1.3 or higher to use the Re-Auth feature below:

This functionality is only available for transactions that have passed the expiration limit, to prevent duplicates. Use 911\Data\911_CCV.INI to configure this limit. In certain cases, the limit will need to be shortened.

;Specifies the days after which the authorization will be expired at 
;the processor's side and manual re-authorization will be allowed.
;Default: 20
To perform the re-auth transactions, go to CreditLine Manager->View->View/Modify current Batch, choose one or more transactions, and click “Reauth”
c. After Reauth, the approved transactions will be replaced by the new one (auth time and finalize time will be updated), and the declined transactions will remain in the journal. The positive result and the failed result will be recorded in separate files