Fifth Third Gift Card Setup

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911 Software

CreditLine Payment Processing Software Processor Setup - Fifth/Third Gift Card. This site can also be reached at

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Please see Processor Support Contact List


Requires Version 3.03.15+

Support Notes

This processor uses a One-Behind Transaction Confirmation.
One-Behind Transaction Confirmation creates a support dependency on the CreditLine Advanced Setup file:

  1. When debugging this account, support needs to grab CreditLine Advanced Setup, as well as other config files.
  2. Support can not run transactions while the site is also running transactions.
  3. The accounts may not be setup as auto-close.

This is typical of host-capture systems.
Make sure that this account is not setup for auto-close or this may result in Invalid Lane Validation errors

Firewall And Connection Information

This information is set in c:\911\data\ccv_link.ini

[Link F3GCGI]<br\> CommParam=CGI<br\> [Link CGI.F3GCGI]<br\><br\><br\> Port=443<br\> App=/AUTH<br\> Verb=POST<br\>

IMPORTANT: If using a firewall, please open the required port for both incoming and outgoing traffic

Connection Configuration

Enter CreditLine Connection Setup Dialog

Select an available connection slot as shown and click Edit
Select the Parameters as shown

Click OK and OK to close all dialogs.

Authorization Configuration

Enter CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog

Select SVS, Gift Card or other gift card name such as Givex etc and click Edit
Select highlighted parameters as shown

Using Apply To Auths

→ If you are using version 3.03.16+, you can populate most of the settings in the Authorization Configuration by using Apply to Auths feature in CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog.

→ Note: Apply To Auths copies the settlement config values into the Auth Config Dialogs for all accepted cards of the same class.

Settlement Configuration

Enter CreditLine Settlement Configuration

Select ValuTec or other gift card entry such as Givex if already exists

→ If you still do not see Gift Card or SVS option, upgrade to the latest version or use index 12 instead.

Enter CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog

Select highlighted parameters as shown
Enter the information supplied by the bank here

Also See

CreditLine Setup Sheet