MasterCard Unique Lane ID / Terminal ID Mandate

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CreditLine Payment Processing Software MasterCard Unique Terminal ID Mandate. This site can also be reached at

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MasterCard has issued a mandate called "Authorization Data Accuracy Card Acceptor Terminal ID". The purpose of this mandate, which the industry is referring to as the MasterCard Unique Lane ID or Terminal ID Mandate is to identify and monitor transaction level data elements critical to the detection, prevention, prediction, and research of fraud related payment processing activity. As part of the data accuracy mandate, MasterCard requires that when a merchant location has multiple card acceptor devices in use (i.e. workstations, lanes, or peripheral terminals), each must contain a unique terminal identifier. This will help with the auditing process, identifying the source of the fraud for every transaction.

We have worked with processors to comply with their individual implementations of this mandate. We made sure that multiple batches are not required in a multi-terminal environment, despite the initial suggestion by most processors to setup every terminal as a separate merchant account with a unique Terminal ID, often requiring its own end-of-day settlement. Some processors received a significant extension and others have an internal understanding with MasterCard that will provide ample warning before any penalties are charged. In general, MasterCard considers EMV to be a deeper level of protection, although EMV is still not ready across all the processors. However, the mandate will begin to be enforced in December 2014 for most merchants.

We have released a version that satisfies the mandate for all major IP supported processors. See below for details.

Processor Specific Info

The following processors have responded to our request for info, and we have implemented their MC Mandate support, or they have gotten a waiver from MC: HPS, Vantiv/Fifth Third(special setup required-see below), Paymentech, FDC North CES, FDC Nashville EDC, FDC South(in certification), TSYS(special situation/no waiver-see below)


TSYS has advised us that the mandate compliance will not be enforced for TSYS in December, and in the event of a problem, plentiful time will be allowed to remedy. We were not provided with a MC Mandate implementation at this time.

Vantiv/Fifth Third Bank

A special setup is required for this processor. You will need to obtain Unique Lane/Terminal ID for each terminal/client device and add it to a special ini file. See Vantiv Fifth Third Bank Setup for more details.

Important List of Changes in the MC Mandate Compliant Version

See Upgrading_to_4.1.3_Build_1186 for a complete list

Download MC Mandate Compliant version

You can download the latest version from our web site.