One-Behind Transaction Confirmation

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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Processor Setup - One-Behind Transaction Confirmation. This site can also be reached at

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Most host based processors use one-behind transaction confirmation, meaning that one transaction is valid as long as the next transaction sends the previous sequence number to confirm it. Otherwise it is voided.

For example:

Send transaction 001 
Send transaction 002 
In the message, there is a previous sequence number field. If it matches the previous transaction, then the previous transaction stays as approved. If it does not match, the previous transaction is voided.

CreditLine stores the sequence number in 911_CCV.INI file, to make sure that each time it is correct.

Support Dependency

One-Behind Transaction Confirmation creates a support dependency on the CreditLine Advanced Setup file:

  1. When debugging this account, support needs to grab CreditLine Advanced Setup, as well as other config files.
  2. Support can not run transactions while the site is also running transactions.
  3. The accounts may not be setup as auto-close.

This is typical of host-capture systems.
Make sure that this account is not setup for auto-close or this may result in Invalid Lane Validation errors