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Requires version 3.03.13+


Rush Approval Mode is an optional transparent offline mode that allows POS to continue taking credit cards without delays during connectivity failures. After a set number of unsuccessful connections, rush mode is initiated and the credit card transactions are recorded offline for later processing. A countdown timer is initiated to keep the transactions from retrying the connection for some time to speed up the processing and avoid the timeout delays. At the expiration of the timer, the connection is retried and rush mode is exited if connection is successful. Rush mode is optional and has to be enabled and configured to become active.


No interface changes are required on the POS side, as the POS is receiving temporary Authorization Codes through the standard interface to prevent any errors.

Obtaining Real Auth Codes

If UseAutoRealAuthBeforeBatch is set to YES in 911_CCV.ini (see below), CreditLine will attempt to obtain the real auths before the batch.

→ if UseAutoRealAuthBeforeBatch is set to NO (DEFAULT) in 911_CCV.ini, the stored Rush Approval transactions are reviewed manually in CreditLine ViewModify Dialog and can be retried or Forced through. At this point, Temporary Rush Authorization Codes are replaced with Live Authorization Codes as soon as they are obtained from the processor.

See the Flow Chart below for details.

Starting point for the Flow Chart below is: Rush Approval Mode is ENABLED, RUSH MODE is INACTIVE (OFF).


→ You can re-try the stored transactions at any time by using CreditLine ViewModify Dialog


To enable, uncomment (remove the leading ; before) UseRushApproval=YES in the CreditLine Advanced Setup file and restart the CreditLine Server. If it is not present, you can insert your own line under [911_CCV] section. See for the full option list.


The following are the configuration settings that you can add to CreditLine Advanced Setup file under [911_ccv] section.

; Rush Approval Settings
;Enable Rush Approval
;Default: NO
;The number of errors that will make the server go in to the rush approval mode.
;Number of minutes for the server to come out of the rush approval mode when idle.
;Automatically does the real auth for the rushed approvals before batch settlement.
;Default: NO
; End of Rush Approval Settings

Rush Approval

In Rush Approval mode you will get Authorization Codes that start with RUSH.


Viewing Rush Approval Transactions

Enter CreditLine ViewModify Dialog

Check Rush Approval Only Button to show only Rush Approval Transactions

Re-Trying Rush Approval Transactions

  1. Enter CreditLine ViewModify Dialog
  2. Check Rush Approval Only Checkbox to show Rush Approval Transactions and Re-Auth Button
  3. Select a set of transactions that you want to re-try and hit Real Auth Button
    Check Offline to Force the transaction

You can re-try as many times as you want.


Please see Rush Approval API