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Whenever a batch fails, make sure to call the processor to see if some part of the batch already went through to avoid double batching.

→ If you need to delete all pending batch transactions, because they already went through, see Deleting Batch Transactions.

The Duplcate Batch ID errors (ERR: DUP) are caused by processor receiving the same batch number on two batches. Processors generally require unique numbers for their batches.


The latest versions will automatically increment the batch id and pop up a message asking if you want to batch, again.
Always contact your merchant account provider to verify that you have not actually settled the batch that came back with a "duplicate" error.

If the error persists, please call the processor PC support to have them reset the flag or to find out which batch id should be used.

In older versions that lack this feature, follow these steps (note, you must upgrade to the latest version to be compliant with the industry regulations):

  1. Open CreditLine Manager
  2. From the Top Menu select Configuration->Settlement Configuration
  3. Select Default
  4. Click Edit
  5. Increment the number in Batch Id: field in Current Batch Info on the left. For exampple if it is set to 10, enter 11 or 15.
  6. Click OK and Close To exit Configuration Dialogs.
  7. Restart CreditLine Server Program
  8. Try Batching Again