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You can view and manipulate the Journal Backups in the CreditLine Batch Archive Dialog
In some extreme cases the transactions that you are looking for can only be found by clicking the Radio Buttons "Before Batch" and "Daily Backup" in the CreditLine Batch Archive Dialog

The number of days that the journals are backed up is specified in CreditLine Business Configuration Dialog. To restore the journal/batch you can rename the desired journal backup file to ccv_jor.dat and move it to 911\DATA directory. Don't forget to reload the configuration to apply the changes.

→ For multiple merchant setups replace JOR below with JOR? where ? is the merchant index.

File Name Function
C:\911\JOR\b<time_stamp>.?? "BEFORE" BACKUP. Backup of the journal before the batch was run
C:\911\JOR\j<time_stamp>.?? "BATCH" BACKUP. Backup of the journal that was batched
C:\911\JOR\d<time_stamp>.?? "DAY" BACKUP. Incremental Backup of the journal for a business day appended at the time of the batch
C:\911\JOR\u<time_stamp>.?? "UN-BATCHED" BACKUP. Backup of un-batched transactions that were carried over to the next batch (for instance un-finalized Auths)