Transaction Finalization

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There are two ways to process a transaction: Auth & Sale


Auth transaction results in temporary reduction in credit limit. Unlike Sale, Auth will not be included in the batch and merchant will not recieve the funds unless finalized


Sale transaction is automatically finalized. All sales will be included in the batch unlike Auths.

Transaction Finalization

Finalization is the process of converting an Auth to a Sale. Adding tip (even zero tip) to an auth finalizes the transaction. Unlike Sale, Auth will not be included in the batch and merchant will not recieve the funds unless it is finalized.

→ if your POS does not handle finalization properly (for instance, for businesses that do not accept tips), you can use the following switch in the 911\data\911_ccv.ini file:

;Automatically finalize all outstanding auths before batching (by adding $0.00 tip)
;By default, unfinalized Auths (auths without tip added) will not be included in the batch.
;If you prefer to automatically include them in the batch, set the option below to YES
;Warning: only for merchants that settle current day's transactions immediately! 
;Do NOT use this flag for the hotel industry where the transactions would be left 
;for the next day to settle, as it will also convert check-outs into sales
;Default: NO

The switch must not be used unless the POS does not handle the process properly or this is the proper setup for this type of POS and client.