Upgrading to 4.1.3 Build 1186

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CreditLine Payment Processing Software Upgrading to 4.1.3(SP3) Build 1186 PCI 2.02. This site can also be reached at http://docs.911software.com

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  1. Make sure to batch out everything before install, upgrade, re-install or repair, to avoid journal corruption.
  2. Stop the CreditLine service and all the CreditLine applications.
  3. There was an important patch to this version. If you downloaded the version prior to 12/4/2014, please re-download and reinstall (un-install, install the new version) or use repair of the newly downloaded version.

Upgrading from 4.1 Build1102 (PCI 1.0) to 4.1.3(SP3) Build 1186 (PCI 2.02)

The following is a list of important changes to take note of.

Strong Encryption and Possibility of Data Loss

Due to heightened security, the following may cause loss of data and corruption of the journal. The latest version minimizes such risk, however the following operational procedures could potentially cause issues:

  1. Transferring the journals to another PC and batching it there without the security keys, or failing to transfer those keys back after the operation. See #Settlement at a Different Location
  2. Downgrading to a 4.1 Build 1102 (SP53 and below) from 4.1.3 (SP3) Build 1186 without batching out, first.
  3. Running an older version of the DLL with the newer version of CreditLine Server and vice versa
  4. Running an older version of the CreditLine Manager with the newer version of CreditLine Server and vice versa

Integration Considerations

Make sure to use and test the latest DLL. Statically linked software products will need to recompile. Contact your software dealer, if in doubt. The new DLL has to be propagated to all terminals/clients.

Settlement at a Different Location

There are some cases when settlements are completed at a store other than the one, where the original auth transactions are performed (for instance, in the case of a dealer troubleshooting the setup) Because of PA-DSS, each CreditLine server is required to maintain a set of unique key tables (DataEncryptingKey, KeyEncryptingKey). In this case, only the corresponding key tables can decrypt the transaction data encrypted in CCV_JOR.dat file. Therefore, DataEncryptingKey.ini and KeyEncryptingKey.ini files are needed to be put in the same data folder as CCV_JOR.dat. Please, also to move the key tables after End-Of-Day Batch back to the original store. It is important to always synch the key tables and the JOR files.

MasterCard Mandate

This version has implemented the ‚ÄéMasterCard Unique Lane ID/Terminal ID Mandate. We have worked with the processors to comply with the Mandate. Some processors received an extension from MC or instructed to continue with the old protocol, due to their internal understanding with MC.

Vantiv/Fifth Third Bank MC Mandate

Vantiv 5/3rd Bank is the only processor that requires additional steps to be compliant at the moment. If you are using Vantiv, please see Vantiv Fifth Third Bank Setup for this processor specific Lane ID/Terminal ID setup instructions.

Dealer Mode

Dealer Mode is deprecated for security reasons. An improved procedure for resetting passwords and enabling TraceMode is specified below.

Resetting Passwords

A new procedure for securely resetting passwords is specified here: Reset Password

Trace Mode

A new procedure for securely temporarily enabling the TraceMode is specified here: TraceMode

Key Rotation

Per PA-DSS, each CreditLine server is required to maintain a set of unique secure key tablesThese key tables need to be updated every 90 days. Not updating key tables will not block payment processing. See Key Rotation for complete info


Import file now needs to be encrypted. Please, see CreditLine_Import/Export#Import for the simple procedure.


Export is deprecated. A new function, called Re-Auth eliminates the need for Export.


A new function, Re-Auth, is introduced to replace the old Import+Export functionality.