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Automatic Execution of Manager Commands

By using Windows Scheduled Tasks, you can schedule execution of various CreditLine Manager command line compatible functions at set intervals of time. Commands supported include batching, reports, export, etc. See CreditLine Command Line Functions for complete listing and more information.

Auditing Auto-Batches

It is possible for either the batch or the scheduled process to fail for various reasons. Make sure to check the success of every batch.

Debugging Scheduled Batch Setup

The best way to debug the auto-batch setup is to cut-and-paste the command line used to configure the scheduled process into a DOS command line window (Start->Run->CMD) and see if it runs correctly.

If it appears that the batch did not run:

  1. call the processor and verify that the batch did not run.
  2. If the batch was not received, batch manually from the CreditLine Manager program.


1) Enter Windows Scheduled Tasks List

2) Follow the screenshots below:

Double Click Add Task Icon
Click Next and Browse when prompted

Enter CreditLine Command Line for the desired function

Complete example parameter used above for batching is C:\911\BIN\CCV_MANAGER MyName Action=Settle ResultFile=result.txt.
Please enter the full path to the CreditLine Manager executable here MANUALLY (e.g. c:\911\bin\ccv_manager.exe).

For a complete list of available functions, including batching click here
→Do NOT forget to add complete path to the manager (e.g. c:\911\bin\ccv_manager.exe action)
when using the examples from the link above!

Enter the desired name and frequency
Set schedule details
Enter/Confirm User Information
→ Important!
It is recommended that you run the task under system admin account to make sure that network rights are granted.
In Windows Server 2008, you should use domain admin account

Check Open Advanced Properties and click Finish
Under Settings tab set recommended values as shown and click Apply

Review the rest of the settings if desired and click Ok to complete the task setup

Complete Run parameter is C:\911\BIN\CCV_MANAGER.EXE Term1 Action=Settle ResultFile=result.txt

Note: CreditLine Server must be running for the batch to go through.


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